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Discovery Sets Nik Wallenda's Follow-Up, Renews 'Mythbusters, ' 'Gold Rush, ' Orders 7 New Series

The cable network presented an ambitious programming slate at its upfront presentation on Thursday, complete with 15 renewals. read more        
Washington Redskins


What Discovery's 'Amish Mafia' Has in Common With the Washington Redskins

The Trademark Office is asked to reconsider the rejection of a proposed "Amish Mafia" registration as disparaging. read more

How Much for That Reality Company?! What's Behind the Recent Acquisition Spree

It's a full-on smush-fest between the U.S. and Europe as "Jersey Shore's" SallyAnn Salsano scores $50 million for her unscripted company and an overseas TV acquisition boom continues. read more        

Nina In New York: If You Watched 'Eaten Alive, ' I'm Pretty Sure It's Over

CBS Local: A couple of nights ago, Discovery Channel (which has helped us in the noble pursuits of discovering everything from “The Deadliest Catch” to the seedy world of “The Amish Mafia”) aired a show tantalizingly titled “Eaten Alive.” It premiered amid great ...

Nina In New York: If You Watched ‘Eaten Alive, ’ I’m Pretty Sure It’s Over Between Us

A lighthearted look at news, events, culture and everyday life in New York. The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer.

Gay marriage, Frein manhunt, "Amish Mafia" and more: Vote for the biggest news stories of 2014

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Gay marriage, Frein manhunt, "Amish Mafia" and more: Vote for the biggest David Roberts calls Harrisburg murder suspect Joseph Lewis Miller the best neighbor he ever had in Mineola, Texas, where fugitive Miller lived a double life as Roy Eubanks. Roberts, who owns an appliance repair shop next-door to Miller's home, tears up ...

The Discovery Channel has now reduced itself to man-eating snake stunts—and

Quartz: The network that brings you Amish Mafia had its highest viewership in 12 years last year by committing to programming like Eaten Alive and other shows that are somehow even less scientific than that, like the illegal racing show Street Outlaws. This ...


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Game Of Thrones


Iron Chef



The Devil's Hand To Be Released On DVD

1428 Elm: The Amish have gotten a little bit of publicity lately, and it isn't always in tune with their way of life. Shows like Breaking Amish, or Amish Mafia give people a look into the alternate reality in the close knit and often sheltered communities. The ...

Caption Time: That squirrel isn't sleeping…

Roger Green: How the heck did you get to 2500 in 5.2 years? I have fewer than 3700 in 8.5 years on my primary blog,... Roger Green: Impressive. I've read most of them (except Amish Mafia – I mean I do have my limits). PatD: That's quite an ...

When we last left our “Amish Mafia” crew…

Just for the record, there are new episodes of Amish Mafia, the trashiest, most offensive faux-reality TV series ever filmed, beginning in January. Yep, this show has now reached the level of “nothing can kill it.” In a nuclear explosion, Amish Mafia ...

Holiday Specials 2014: Five Reality TV Shows We Didn't Need To

Big Steve on the ' Amish Mafia ' Christmas Special (Photo: The holiday season has officially begun once more, and while many consider the rush for the holidays to only be taking place in the stores and ...

' Amish Mafia ' Cast News: Esther Schmucker Showcases Weight

She may no longer have plans to be on Discovery's Amish Mafia , but Esther Schmucker appears to be continuing to work on her weight loss regimine.


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