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Melinda Houston: Nowhere Boys pick of the week

- 49 mins earlier @ Melinda Houston looks at what is on TV in the week ahead.

Jared Leto


Melinda Houston: Nowhere Boys pick of the week

Melinda Houston looks at what is on TV in the week ahead.

Can They Take the Veil?

Wall Street Journal: ... result of immaturity (which would seem to include wanting to parade one's religious questing before a mass audience). But the executive producers, including Shannon and Eric Evangelista of “Amish Mafia” fame, have framed their subject here with ...

Caption Time: That squirrel isn't sleeping…

Roger Green: How the heck did you get to 2500 in 5.2 years? I have fewer than 3700 in 8.5 years on my primary blog,... Roger Green: Impressive. I've read most of them (except Amish Mafia – I mean I do have my limits). PatD: That's quite an ...

Amish tragedy affects entire community (YDR opinion)

The outside world tends to look at the Amish voyeuristically. Witness the popularity of "The Amish Mafia" reality TV show or the tourist industry in Lancaster County that depends on curiosity about the plain people to separate tourists from their dollars.

When we last left our “Amish Mafia” crew…

Just for the record, there are new episodes of Amish Mafia, the trashiest, most offensive faux-reality TV series ever filmed, beginning in January. Yep, this show has now reached the level of “nothing can kill it.” In a nuclear explosion, Amish Mafia ...

Mike Rowe Reveals Truth About 'Unscripted' 'Reality' Shows In AMA (With A Dig

Business 2 Community: In a new AMA on Reddit, Mike Rowe reveals a little secret about reality shows — they aren't as unscripted as the networks would like you to believe. What's more, an actual desire for an honest, unscripted show is, he suggests, met with resistance.

Dropkick Murphys' singer calls East Earl police over rowdy fan who assaulted

LancasterOnline: ... faces serious charges, including felony aggravated assault. Police are investigating what type of drugs he might have been on. “We'll pray for this guy,” Casey said, “and hopefully he'll get the help he needs. “Either that, or we'll sic the Amish ...



The Amish: Makers of jam, fine cabinetry, and polluted rivers

Grist: Many Amish people have denounced the Discovery Channel's Amish Mafia TV show, now entering its fourth season, in part because the contrived show has brought them unwanted attention from law enforcement. It furthered a perception they would rather ...

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