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Don Winslow on his amazing new book 'The Cartel' and America's drug war

HitFix: People were fascinated at the notion of the mafia and that was such a clean way of using a family to show you how that structure really worked. I feel like ... I take a book out of my bag and the people around me are looking at me like, "Oh, gosh, you ...
San Diego


Silent faith in nature, togetherness define Amish culture in Blanchard

The Morning Sun: Each morning before they eat, the family performs a silent prayer at the table. They worship Jesus Christ daily, conducting their religious practices in German while speaking Dutch amongst themselves. Per their religious doctrines, the Amish do not ...

The 10 Commandments of Litchfield: “Make a reek, my sisters, make a reek to

Salon: This season of “Orange is the New Black” was heavy on the religious references: both in flashbacks, as we learned about Leanne's Amish past and Norma's cult conversion, and via new developments in the prison, from Cindy's newfound embrace of Judaism to ...

Rodney Alan Combs ... laying down the most infectious of grooves since the early '80s with Warhammer, Moth Eyed Soul and most recently The Diaz Brothers. Micky Evans lit up the live music seen with bands such as the Anvil Slugs, Clay Nation, Speed Buggy and Amish Mafia.

Entertainment Schedule West on Harrison Avenue. 1:30-2:30 p.m.: Stage 9. 4:30-5:30 p.m.: West Side Star by the CCDC. 6-7 p.m.: Room for Zero. 7:30-9:30 p.m.: Rodney Alan Combs Band. 9:30-11:30 p.m.: Amish Mafia. SUNDAY, JUNE 28. Bud Light Stage. East on Harrison Avenue.

Sweeten-Shults: Reality show star hides dark secret

Times Record News: Discovery's “Amish Mafia” also put an end to that perception of the community being better than the rest of us. And now, “19 Kids and Counting,” held up as an as-close-to perfect family as you can get — one with strong parents, respectful children and ...

Legal Run-Ins Pose Pitfalls For Cable Reality Purveyors

Multichannel News: In February, sister network Discovery Channel cancelled Amish Mafia, a spinoff of TLC's Breaking Amish, after three seasons when chocolate giant The Hershey Co., based in Lancaster County, Pa., said it would not run ads during Amish-themed ...

Holiday in the Protectorate: Czech TV's reality show with a Nazi twist

Just when you thought reality TV had fully explored the outer edges of good taste and sense (Amish Mafia or Naked and Afraid, anyone?), along comes Czech television with a new Nazi-themed show. Holiday in the Protectorate drops three generations of a ... </font>



Jeremiah Raber says Breaking Amish is 60 percent real, selling Amish I thought maybe he was talking about Amish Mafia star (and TV producer) Esther Schmucker, who previously revealed that she had turned TLC on to her cousins Abe and Andrew Schmucker, but Jeremiah uses a masculine pronoun when referring to the ...


VIDEO Breaking Amish Return To Amish 2015 preview trailer The Breaking Amish OGs return to TLC on May 31 for their fourth (and reportedly last) season, and earlier this week the network released the first preview trailer that indicates fans are in for lots of drama, including more arrests, medical emergencies ...


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